Days Are The Same ( Agonizing Pain )

December 21, 2010
Days are the same and I’m still the same person, no different. I’m just like everyone else, only thing thats different is that I’m still searching for myself. Days are the same and everything seems to be against me, or with me. Days are the same I live my life the way I’m told going through the day like its just me slowing down time. Every minute is an agonizing emotional pain thats stays with me. I’m just a teenage boy who just want to be noticed, be someone important. Thinking about you even while I’m in agonizing pain. You said your heart was broken once and you weren’t going to let anyone in my pain, your pain, together we can get through what is going on, just trust me. You won’t ever be disappointed with me. Days are the same and I’m still watching you from a distance wishing I could be me but important and be with you. Days are the same when I’m a teenage boy listening to the rain drops that no one pays attention to. The beauty of it is amazing just sit down with me and watch, listen with me. And your days will seem like for ever when you’re with me. The good days remember those, no one likes to remember the bad days. So come with me, and lets get away from all the trouble that is all around us. No violence where we going everyday is like no other we’ll be laughing, running, telling jokes. Joining with the other people who wants peace, we’ll have a family with people we don’t know new friends. Step from the violent side to where love is everywhere. Just come with me and see what I can make happen you’ll be surprised give you anything you want, Just ask. Make me stop thinking that days are the same.

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