Cupid's Arrow

December 21, 2010
By ChocolateBoss GOLD, Fort Dodge, Iowa
ChocolateBoss GOLD, Fort Dodge, Iowa
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The day I met you I thought there couldn’t be anything better than what even my biggest wish, dreams seemed small in comparison. Everything happens for a reason so you and me meeting each other happened for a reason so lets make the best of what we will gain and lose together. But once it happens there’s no looking back to the past. The day I met u it seemed like I loved you from the start, your eyes, hair, and how you make me feel so special when I’m around you. Now just let make you feel special. Let me hold you through the rough times, the fun ones, and the sad ones. Let s learn from what has happened and take the consequences. Take from the good and bad it makes us better people. Cupid came down that day I met you and shot me with one of his arrows but I didn’t that arrow I was already set on trying to please you and already wanting to take care of you because you look so strong but fragile. And I just want protect you from whatever cause you problems. Cupids arrow only made this devotion I feel for you. Loyalty is what you want and need to, to be able to trust and someone to open your heart to. I’m trying to be the one you want in your life. A man thats not going to run away from his problems. You are my life and nothing will change that bullets and roses. I’ll be as sweet as a rose but tough as bullet to protect you. Do you want that?

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