Stars;Moon;Sun. Their Reflection.

December 21, 2010
When you're around;
the world stops turning.
the sun.
she becomes brighter than she ever has before.
reflecting the image of my heart.
the stars themselves, explode.
reflecting the beat of my heart
The moon decides to go into a lunar eclipse;
out of date and out of time.
sneaking up on us from behind.
scaring us.
making us think something is wrong.
we run.
farther and faster than before.
are we supposed to run from our problems?
yet we do.
we run and run and run.
till the moon corners us.
its damaged.
so therefore like everyone else; it is going to attack us.
scare us to death.
just because we are happy,
and we have each other.
but sometimes; that isn't enough.
even though it should be.

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