Moving On

December 20, 2010
By Amanda93 GOLD, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Amanda93 GOLD, Minneapolis, Minnesota
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I hear Satin
My name.
He's dismissed
The bliss
That used to overcome me,
The happiness
That used to exist
And replaced it all
With darkness
And i try to resist
From the death i caused
Put my life on pause
While my heart
But his determined claws
Pull me in
Back to the guilt
That was built
The night she died.
How could i have lied
To myself?
There's no escape
From my sin
So i pleed
For redemption.
A pension
From this tension
I carry.
A reserection
From this depression
Because i'm anxious
For this venomous demon
To leave my soul
That he stole away
So many years ago.
Can't you see
That i'm sorry?
I'm moving on
So please
Leave me out
Of this catastrophy.
And let me be.
Lucifer has no power
Over me
Any longer.
My faith has grown
Much stronger
So I wander
Down these empty streets
That this evils gone.
Because like I've said
Once before,
I am certainly
Moving on.

The author's comments:
I wrote this because I was having a hard time dealing with my faith and didn't understand a lot of it. Soon enough, however, I overcame my doubt.

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