Falling For You

January 1, 2011
He is the keeper of your darkest secrets
You laugh at all of his jokes
You cheer each other on through the most terrifying moments.
In every major crisis you’ve encountered for the past 6 years,
Your best friend has always helped you pick up the pieces and move on.
You are honest with yourself, when you say
You admit that there have been one of two times when you
Noticed he wasn’t too bad in the eyes.
You’ve had a familiar fluttering in the pit of your stomach
When he texted you at the exact moment
You were getting ready to text him.
You’ve supported each other’s relationships,
But have always been jealous, saying he deserved better.
One day he hugged you to cheer you up,
Its was warm, loving, and comforting.
When he released you wanted more.
It was at this moment you relized that you were falling in love
With your best friend.

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