Taking back labels

January 1, 2011
I am taking names
well labels really

I am making every ok
like it was truely

Hippie now means someone
as open and warm as the sun

Geek now means someone
technologically blessed like Edison

Goth now means someone
strong enough to bear the darkness of others fears

Emo now means someone
kind enough to cry other peoples tears

Gangster now means someone
that can strive in improbablilites

a slacker no means someone
who is the genius of possiblilities

Jock is now someone
that needed a body to protect their heart

and Meanest girls are people
that knew from too young,
that good girls get torn apart

I am taking back labels
and taking their names

I will re-write the social hand-book
one line at a time

and I will start with Chapter one
Taking back Labels

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