Remember When

January 1, 2011
By Anonymous

I wrote this poem about my brother and all the adventures that we’ve had.
Remember when I first got to meet you.
I asked Mama if we could take you home yet.
She said, “No, Him and I have to stay here a couple nights. We’ll be home soon.”
Remember when they brought you home.
I thought you were my babydoll.
Remember when we moved the first time
You started talking and out did me with your vocabulary.
Remember when I made you carry a purse.
You were to little to understand so you just shook your head okay.
Remember when we moved up north.
We were quick to decide something.
Our new neighborhood was full of old folks and we had to be each other’s best friends.
Remember when we moved back down south and had to live at Granny’s for a year while we found a house.
We had some great times there and still do.
Remember when we moved here.
When Mom and Dad decided to buy the house we stood in my room dancing around, held each other’s hands, spun around and let out screams of joy.
Remember when I started public school after being homeschooled for such a long time.
When I got home that first day you asked me about school
Remember when we had a secret club- just you and me.
We still have meetings every now and then.
And through you may not realize it- I love you Brother.
You’re my best friend.

The author's comments:
Through we have our fights- I'm very thankful to have such an awesome little brother.

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