Always and Forever- Remember

January 1, 2011
Let us lay her down
with her favorite colors,
beautiful flowers
of red and white
like her smile,
giving light.

A dancing, happy soul
believed in her family.
She would tell me
I was beautiful
when I felt ugly,
and made me feel like
her star when I would
dance with her.

Up until this day,
Nana would always make me smile.
Even now, when I'm lost in the world
of growing up, she made me see the child
I still am and was to her.

No more playing in the closets upstairs,
trying to find the key to the locked door,
where we would pretend that a boy lived in there.

I don't think she even knew where the key was.

She loved animals, every single one
and would do anything for a
stray cat that would scratch
at her back door.

She tried to understand like no one else.
She knew when I was scared of being without my mom,
how it felt when I wanted to just cry.
She would dance with me
and I would feel her light again, inside my head
that she wouldn't let go.

'I love you'-
whenever she saw me.
She never let me forget, and that almost never happens.
Someone always telling you they love you, when they see you.

I would have wanted her to know
that I mean it now, more than anything.
In hopes that her and Grandpa will watch over us,
I need them right now, so much.
She's with Grandpa now, it's what she wanted.
May they live in peace forever.

I love you.
R.I.P. Nana Jean.

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DawnieRae said...
Sept. 6, 2013 at 8:43 pm
This is sooo sweet and sad!!! Great Job Risa! You're a great writer, can you you check out my poems? 
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