Visiting Day

January 1, 2011
By StaticHeart SILVER, Waltham, Massachusetts
StaticHeart SILVER, Waltham, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
"We're so trendy, we can't even escape ourselves." - Kurt Cobain

The difference between here and there, is that they want you
to improve your health before yourself.
It's okay to be imperfect,
and never meet both ends.
There's always someone worse than you in the next room down.

Being her defected self
is accepted here.
No need to 'shape up'
or take an extra dose of happiness, when you're away.

Her bandages are starting
to become part of her now,
close to the scars they conceal
Only now she can't make it more obvious that she's broken.

In school, it was well-hidden, her pain.
Home was the other half of her battle,
No wonder she never spoke
No one asked her how she was.
Of course they knew she was 'okay'

But tight inside her own thoughts,
the voices telling her to runaway
That no one will remember her
No one will chase after her,
she can be 'home free'
You realize this time, she didn't do it.

But she almost left that note
on your bathroom mirror,
after she almost downed your medication.
You might have needed it the next day, though.
Oh, she left it for you.
Just for you

She still never sleeps,
even when she's here.
Your voice rings back through her ears, when she tries to close her eyes.

And so today is Visiting Day,
when you'll see her at her worst.
She isn't afraid for you to see
her imperfections now,
doesn't want to care
what you will tell everyone
after you see her.

She wants you to leave
her be for once and hold the judgments for another day.
Everyone else's parents will probably be walking
in with flowers and a card saying 'get well'

You'll still be standing there
with your hands open for forgiveness.
Never can look her in the eyes...
She's crazy, remember?

The author's comments:
Parents dealing with teens having mental illness/depression leads them to have misconceptions that they are just "crazy" and don't try to see the deeper meaning behind their child's pain.

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