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Silent Walk

A lonely girl walked down the street
She was scared and dressed in black
She looked like she had been beat
Hopefully not by the person she was hoping to meet

He was sweet and kind
And seemed so gentle
That nobody looked behind
No one looked to see the silver dagger

The dagger that killed her heart
She who was broken and torn
The dagger got her before the start
She never finished her walk

She walks it still
She walks forever
She walks forever, up the hill
Up the sacred hill of fright

He who stand there watching
Laughs with humor
Always there by her, stalking
Never far behind

She loved him, she cared
He pretend to be her lover
But her love was never shared
Who would love her?

The innocent child
Among the grownups
Who all seemed so wild
He pretended to protect her

But he was her ending
He was also her beginning
He was the sending
Of the bad omens

She walks the street of her home
The street lights diminishing as she walks
She had nothing not even a phone
And though she was gone

And the boy who never cared
Was very pleased with his work
There stood another boy who shared
The pain of loving somebody

And though she put out all the lights
With her ominous glow of dread
He saw a street lit by Heaven’s light
She was beaming brighter than the stars

The stars had no meaning
They couldn’t compete with her
He now loved her though he thought he dreaming
But he was wide-awake in the world of the dead

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