Ancient friend

December 30, 2010
By Maria_C BRONZE, Blanchard, Oklahoma
Maria_C BRONZE, Blanchard, Oklahoma
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I come to be here upon this cliff
with the wind in my hair
making it wist and flip
as it dances in the moonlight
i just stand there letting the sway of the tress take me on a journey
a journey through life
together i become on with nature

they say we humans control nature
but they are wrong
for we do not control nature
it controls us
we treat it like dirt when our forefathers would have nursed it

everywhere i look i see death, sorrow
the woods, the land hold sorrow above them
the birds that once sang sweet, sweet tunes no longer do
the life of the woods fall apart each day
they are running, running out of time
one day it will be no longer
only death will seek the trees
the animals
once that happens no life will be the same and my life will end

i awake each morning and tell the hills, the tress what they are
they whisper back through the wind what i am
we seek each other
holding one another up
catching each other when we fall
you may think me silly but i see the woods, this land that my fathers walked on
as an ancient friend
that i wish not to go

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