Unsavory Reality

December 30, 2010
Brandon is his name
At the sight of his smile, I can't help but go lame.
A subtle sweet scent drifts on the wind
Leaving a trail to where my heart has been.
A gentle whiff and I'm off
Tears stop their flow, my spirits aloft.
Wrapping my arms across his frame
A tender kiss; there is no shame in this embrace.
A tap, a laugh, a whisper...
And I'm back to reality, my happiness but a glimmer.
Oh, my dear... How I wish you were here
Or I there, and not having to stare.
My heart mute, denial screaming.
My lips sting from dreaming.
As I stare with lust
Flooded ducts about the bust
Lamentable reality, how I spite thee!
Starving me from serenity.
It's dark in here
So very dark.
Sapping at my soul
Stabbing at my heart
Shredding my dreams
And sundering my will to live.
It's dark in here, my Brandon...
Won't you be my light?
Won't you save me from my plight?

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