The Key

December 29, 2010
By Wannabewriter BRONZE, Kingston, Other
Wannabewriter BRONZE, Kingston, Other
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The key
to unlock all of the open doors to my future,
And lock away all the closing doors of my past.

To erase all the memories that left me sad,
Dispose of all the thoughts that got me mad,
And block off the thoughts that frustrated me.
Confused me.
Haunted me;
Like a spirit in an old house.
Breaking down the door whenever I become vulnerable.
Eating at my weaknesses,
And letting me fall to the ground in a pathetic heap.

So let the key lock the doors of my past.
Keeping the horrid spirits of haunting memories behind me.

And let the key unlock all the doors leading to my future.
Letting me go through new journeys,
Make new memories;
Hopefully better ones.
That will never need locking up.

That will just wait,
Behind the door where I can still look back on them.
But also look forward on all the new adventures to come.

So let the key guide me.
Let it unlock all the doors that will lead to good
And never open those that are bad.

Let the key make the choices so I won’t have to.
No risk that I’ll do something wrong.

I wish the key were real

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired by a picture I took of a key. I just kind of went from there.

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