Forever Better Yet Only Gone

December 29, 2010
Means having the heart to admit to him
Means having the courage to admit to everyone else
Means having the mind to make the decision
It all
Means risking yourself
Means risking what you hold so close to be broken
Trust me
You’ll realize that
Total shatter comes
When the flicker of hope dies
As dead as it seems
You're going into a whirlwind
You’re going to be thrown like a doll
And going to break
And going to burn
And going to bleed
In the worst
And only in dreams
Will you ever be happy

But there will come a point
Where things are so hopeless
You’ll never sleep
You won’t know what to dream
It's so shattered
But there will be a time,
Though so long from now,
It'll be over
It’ll be like
He never existed,
A mere memory no longer haunting
It’ll be like
A new flower recently grown,
Petals anew and no sign of rot,
It’ll be like
A song you once knew,
Can't remember the words but only the tune
All of your bleeding
Will slowly come to an end
And the name will no longer cut the veins
But bounce off the armor you’ve built
All of your burning
Will come to a close
And the flames of old will no longer sear
But diminish with no fuel to burn
All of your dreams
Will come flooding back
And he will simply pass by
But your smile will be set for someone new

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