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December 11, 2010
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Sixteen year old Timothy Creekwater barges into his house and slams the door behind him.
He throws his backpack at the table, breaking the radio.
He runs to his room, yelling and cursing all the way.
He turns off his T.V; he can’t stand to hear CNN right now.
His life is horrible and unfair.
He has given up on living. He has succumbed to pessimism.
Worst of all, he has been defeated by ignorance.
Ignorance blinding him from how good his life is.
Sheltered from the horror that is our world.
Breaking the radio, his hotline to the outer world.
Shutting out the news stations, his gateway to truth.
Ignorant to the fact that people are dying for no reason.
Being ruthlessly murdered because of their race.
Ignorant to the fact that people are being oppressed
And that countries are burning to the ground with civil war.
But Timothy Creekwater has the decency to complain about his “horrible” life
And the horrible aspects of his country.
Badmouthing his country, cracking jokes,
Neglecting the fact that he is privileged to be able to say them.
Too spoiled to wake up and see that his life will never be terrible; he will never know the horror
Because of his choice to ignore it and fix himself on his own problems.
Too selfish to see the light.
Timothy Creekwater wants to die.

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