Now I'm Dead

December 11, 2010
By babymillionair010 BRONZE, Pearl, Mississippi
babymillionair010 BRONZE, Pearl, Mississippi
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"never back down or give up & in order to be a queen you have to treat yourself as one and be able to humble and keep your head high"

I can't fit these words on this paper but i can't get them out of my head i try to run from the dead and i can't get past my own grave...Ooops daddy you got there too late see, I am already dead!!!! Daddy you wasn't there to save me now look what what you've did you killed me you really really killed me!! I can't believe this, how could you do this, I look at my grave from where i float in the sky....and i realize you never loved me and when i think about it you didn't even know me, how could you love me or even know me, when you wasn't around long enough to get to know me!! Up here we go again you yelling, i'm crying, you breaking things while i'm dying, see daddy i told you, you killed me while you were yelling and breaking things, but you didn't hear me because you wasn't listening!! I scream why daddy, why daddy, whyyy!! You say, "Baby i'm sorry, i never meant to kill you, I should have saved you, I would have saved you!!!" "But daddy you didn't, and don't say next time, there is no next time, you're dead to me as i was to you" daddy now you're crying??!! It's too late, by body is graying and i'm surrounded by blackness!! Deep in the tunnel there's a bright light, i climb higher and higher until i reach that light and i saw her waiting, she's waiting my mama's waitin', then she shakes me and say "Baby wake up you were only dreaming, I smile at her and say you saved me, you really, really saved me!! But I was really thinking how could i not be dreamin' when daddy was never here???

The author's comments:
That's just a little of what i feel how my life is and what i feel about my dad. I love him but when i need him he's never there like now he is in CA but, i'm ok because my mama's the one to alwayz pull through for me never has she left my side!!

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