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December 11, 2010
By PangurBan BRONZE, Milford, Kansas
PangurBan BRONZE, Milford, Kansas
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The stars shine coldly over the city
The sound of wheels echo as I walk
Through the roads of my home
Towards the horizon, but
With no destination in mind


For what reason was I born?
For what reason did I come to that house
That snowy night?
Why is my heart cold and
The color of silver?


A short time ago, I had a family who
Sat with me and stood by my side
Now they're gone, and I must leave behind
Every memory in this place
I walk towards freedom, but with a heavy heart
A heart the color of silver.


I will continue to sing and laugh
Even though they will never open their eyes again
Even though my home is gone and my family dead
Even though my song and laughter is empty
I will continue to pray


For what reason was I born?
Only to be sad for eternity?
To be alone with no one
Standing here by my side?


One day, I'll pass, and go to the place
The glorious place where my family has gone
Until then I'm doomed to walk this earth
And search for freedom alone


As time has flowed on
I've walked on with purpose
Side by side with the friends that found me in the dark
I no longer hurry to the place where "they" sleep
I carry along my tarnished silver heart
How many times has it beat in my chest?


I arrive at a place where my heart can heal
Surrounded by sand and ruins
My heart finally begins to beat
It slowly begins to glow red again


All that I wish to be granted to me
I've lived alone long enough
Here, I hear their voices somewhere near
The voices I've heard in dreams and nightmares
They echo gently in my beating heart


I can feel the soft, warm light
I can live again
I can smile with happiness now

The author's comments:
This is based on the main character of my fantasy story, Hand of Plague. His family is killed early in the story, and the poem is my attempt to communicate the feeling of numbness that comes after tragedy, and the slow recovery from it.

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