So Long Good Bye

December 11, 2010
By Marylouisegarner GOLD, Applegate, California
Marylouisegarner GOLD, Applegate, California
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I dont want to see your face

I dont want hear your voice

I want you out of my mind

So can finally erase you from my life

I risked my life

To save myself

From my emotions

From you..

I cant be the only one to try and try

When you give only a little

Dont be suprised when I give up

And leave your life all together

Dont tell me when you start missing me

Dont suck me back into your life

Dont make me have to care

Dont make me have to cry

Moving on is my only option

I cant stay wanting forever

I cant be some lovesick little girl anymore

Because nothing is getting better

Nothing seems to last

Because its never right

I was wrong so many times

And I never learn why

So hopefully by me giving up for this last time

Will make my life complete

I cant always try

When you do nothing in return for me

You cant expect me to change my mind

Or even be persuaded

When everything you've promised me before

Have been nothing but empty words

Texting is diffrent from talking face to face

But nothing is the same

And words dont seem to flow like they used to

I cant even be comfortable being by you

So now I give up completely

Consider me gone

I dont want to try for you and just be ignored

So all my efforts are being redrawn.

Have a nice life

Im sure you'll be happy

Because I cant say Id made a diffrence

With you at all

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Forget You

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