Faintest Of Existance

December 20, 2010
By Anonymous

I can't rely on you anymore
I've never been able to
I cannot supply you with a chance
So stop.
Stop trying to pry my fingers away
From protecting my heart.
I'd rather you lie to my face
And tell me you love me,
Then see you try to pretend
To acknowledge my presence.
Do you want me to appreciate
All you've done for me?
Don't make me laugh.
Cause first,
You'd have to participate
In the love we never shared
Because soon,
I'll disintegrate.
Let me anticipate your next move.
Forced time together.
I won't give in to your persistance
No thanks.
I'll keep my distance
And sink lower
To the faintest of existance.
Take a look at the statistics.
whenever your around,
I cry myself to sleep
And believe me when i say
I can't keep this up much longer
Cause we're falling down a steep hill
At high speeds.
Wanna know where this leads?
Forgive and forget...
Do you feel better
Knowing your forgiven?
Now you can go back
To living
While i crumble away
Let me stumble through my days.
Don't worry.
While you've been sitting on the fence
Deciding to fumble with my heart,
Confiding to your feelings,
Refusing to do your part,
I've forgotten all about you.
I've left you behind.
I've taken the pain
like ice rain on my face,
But soon,
You'll just melt away
And evaporate.
You'll be the one to disintegrate.
My whole life,
Because of you,
I've had to rearrange.
So now,
You can cry me
A d*** river
For a change.

The author's comments:
I wrote this about my father. I didn't know him very well and I spent too many nights crying over his abstance.

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