Colors of the Wind

December 13, 2010
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You can see it. It’s everywhere. Color. Everything in our world is filled with color. Is it really only an image, or can color really be seen, felt, smelt, tasted, or heard? Maybe color isn’t that at all. Merely a thought of some sort.

When you open up a fresh new can of paint, and it falls from the can slowly to the ground, it’s almost as of color was falling, not the paint. Color looks like the walls of an old building being remodeled into something new. Or when the sun is just setting over an ocean and everything becomes surrounded in beautiful orange, yellow and red. The ocean is like a creamy yellow and pink. That moment when it’s falling slowly, slowly, then gone.
Every color has a different feeling. Yellow has a happy, cheerful feeling to it. Purple is like just laying down for bed and letting your day run through your head before you sleep. Blue feels like you just got out of a lake and had a wonderful swim and family is around you, laughing and having a good time. Red and orange have a warm effect; the colors of fire. Color feels like walking into a fashion designers room and seeing the creations of a genius. Feeling the fabrics from across the world. Sitting on a soft, green lawn with flowers around you. Smelling each one and getting a warm soothing feeling inside you. Color tastes like a juicy watermelon being sliced open, an orange at its ripest or a big red apple. Eating a crisp salad with freshly picked vegetables form a garden.
Color sounds like a green John Deer tractor mowing a field, or grey clouds letting go of rain, hitting a roof. Plants and animals become rejuvenated and alive! The first chirp of a Robin and her blue speckled eggs, or the rustles of golden leaves in the fall.
Everyone sees color in a different way. There are some people who would paint their entire house puse, other could not operate correctly if that happened, Color is essentially in the eye of the beholder. It’s in a matter of opinion. The taste of food requires taste buds. Some do not enjoy eating anchovies, or tomatoes, while others could ‘live; off of those foods.
Many discussions have come up with Black and White. Are they colors, or an abstract noun inside an abstract noun? Is the heritage of someone just like those? The color of someone does not determine if they are good or bad. Color has become a label and stereotype.
Physically, you cannot grab, taste, smell or hear color. It is an image of the brain that gives off emotions and can make a person feel different and see things in a new relative importance. It should not be overlooked as just a color. Color is really much more then that. It is an accent on a part of life. Without it, life would be dull and boring.

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