If I could just change the past, of you and me

December 13, 2010
By Anonymous

I smile back. Your eyes always on me, but then again it’s vice versa too. If you enter a room, I always know to look up, and see you. Once I do, it’s like breathing freezing cold air, you can breath ,but just barely We have kept up this for years. Maybe saying so much as a sentence, if that. I remember looking at you one day ,and you tripped when you noticed me watching you. Many other little things that showed us we were both in on this. Never actually knowing each other ,but somehow meant to one day. Until you got a new girlfriend. A model I’ve heard. I should be happy ,and move on. I can’t, not because of jealousy, but because of you ignoring me. You act as if I have a contagious illness that will result in death. You ignore me. So all I can do now is just accept this, it’s not like we ever had anything, but it still seems as if we should. So I will say goodbye to your ice blue eyes. Maybe I will stop crying one day, because I know now you don’t deserve me. Just give me a while

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