The Victim

December 13, 2010
By , Olathe, KS
Dressed to kill,
She laughs and smiles.
Her crimson red lips

Curling into that perfected shape
Her lovely locks swirl around her,
As her hand cups a cheek,
The taste of lust is in the air
Taking over her actions.

There is desire in her eyes.
Those jeweled irises,
They’ve seen more
Than their fair share.
But look closely,
And you will see,
There’s a monster in her midst,
And that is all he will ever be.
Close her eyes,
And her face relaxes,
The false wall comes down,
And it is plain to see
A helpless girl
Cries inside she.
But tonight she forgets,
And allows the aching
Inside her fragile chest
To take her over.
There’s desire in her eyes,
The desire to be free.

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