Questioning Me

December 13, 2010
Can You Hear Me ?
Can You Hear Me Calling Your Name ?
Can You Hear Me Going Insane ?
My Voice Cant Get Any Louder
Im Screaming And Yelling For Your Answer
But You Acting As Though Your Deaf
You Silence Is Making Me Feel Like Your A Threat
I Cant Calm Down , Cant Stop Now
Trying To Get You To Hear Me Is Like Pulling Teeth
It Kills Me Just To Know That Your Not At Reach
When Im Not Here You Will Eventually Hear Me
Now Im Standing In Front Of You Last Try
Im Not Even Gonna Form The Tears To Cry
Hear Me Now Or Hear Me No More
My Knees Are Planted In The Floor
Can You See Me ?
How Many Fingers Am I Holding Up ?
Im Tired Of Staying In One Spot Is There Quick Sand Here ?
Because I Feel Stuck
My Knees Feel Heavy Feels Like Im Gonna Fall
You See Them All But.....What About Me ?
Are You Looking At Whats In Front Of You ?
Do I Need To Step To Your Left ? YOur Right ?
Whats Wrong With Your Sight ?
Can You Speak Of Me ?
Am I Your Leading Topic ?
Can YOu Tell People What I Mean TO You Without Stopping ?
I Hear Nothing Are You Sill There ?
I See Nothing Either You Must've Disappeared
Or You Just Was Never Hear
So What Am I Speaking Of ?
Is This Pointless ?
Wait So Should I Just Stop Speaking ?
Hold Up ! Silence !
Is That Enough !?!

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jasmine101 said...
Jan. 13, 2011 at 3:09 am

love is true when it hurts

but maybe this sentence doesn't work evey time

i love you poem full of emotions and feelings

KatieBug_SlayEm replied...
Jan. 29, 2011 at 7:33 am
thank you : ) 
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