Sounds of a school day

December 13, 2010
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7 a.m my dog barking loudly at the quick quail.
Water droplets touching my skin.
Cinnamon flavored toast melting in my mouth as I eat it.
The bus screeching as I get on. 
The ring a ding dong of the bell.
Crickets as I read my book in the library.
Clapping seals as I tell a funny joke.
The steep steps as I go up the stairs. 
The jingles of the heavy bolder I’m carrying.
The doors squeaking as I enter.
A foreign language.
The moaning of students wishing school would be done 
A pile of pages turning and turning and turning.
Mouths chewing on delicious food like pigs.
The solid steel sound of steal pans.
The panic of my life as I forget what is on a test.
The screech of burning sugar
Fast furious hands typing on the computer.
Happiness of students voices as they leave school.
The loud lonely ride of the bus.
My bed groaning as I jump on it.
Me working on my pile of darkness.
My dog barking like he has rabies as I throw the ball for him to catch
The wind as I swing my racquet to hit a ball. 
Drooling as I weight for the delicious dinner.
The dishes washing themselves in the dishwasher.
The garage door screeching as my mom comes home from work.
My computer dying while I'm on it.
The loud lively laughter of my dad.
The moaning of my boredom .
The remote clicking as I watch t.v
Brushing my teeth as I get ready for bed.
Buzz buzz goes my super small fan.
Nothing, just nothing.

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