Same Game

December 28, 2010
By Tashnia Ahmed SILVER, Jonesboro, Georgia
Tashnia Ahmed SILVER, Jonesboro, Georgia
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Eyes are a blur, your speech is no good. You do everything you can, not what you should. Life lessons, damn if only it was a book. Body warm but it’s your soul that still shook. Playing the “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not” game, deep in your heart, you know he’s one of them, all the same. You thought he was different, you thought he understood your head. Lookin back now, he was just here for the bed. He said you’re not a star, you’re my sky. You can’t believe you believed in his lie. He pulled you up only to tear you down. You feel like everyone is laughing, you feel it all around. Fighting back tears, what good are they now? You can’t believe you dreamed of being with him when you repeat your vow. Memories drag along the hall, can’t believe his love was the reason for your fall . He was so perfect, his words so sincere. Every time he talked, “perfect” was all you could hear. You let yourself fall deep into his words, inside you knew he’d catch you. In the end, he proved untrue. You wipe your face and realize you’ve felt this before, is this déjà vu? This couldn’t be, he’s something new. Finally the truth comes out, but it has no name. He’s definitely a new face, but the player of the same game.

The author's comments:
This poem was inspired by past relations that I've experienced or witnessed. I believe girls AND guys have had a player once or twice in their life.

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