Fallen Apart

December 28, 2010
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Our love was falling apart
No matter how hard we tried,
We'd never find our way back.
With every breath we took,
I didn't have to look
To know that this was the end.
Our minds were made up,
For what we had
Would always be on our minds.
This was what brought me to believe
That even though there's no way
To save what we have,
I'd always love you
The way I should've.
But it's now too late
To face the fact I needed you,
The fact that you meant so much.
Though I guess
This was what was supposed to happen.
There was no way on changing it.
Better luck next time?
As much as I want, though
I'll never forget
The one person who made me fall in love
And made me realize I was able to feel the way I did.
I thank you for that,
And for loving me the way you did.
I appreciate all your loyalty,
You're understanding of my mixed up mind,
And thank you for making me realize
That there was truly someone
Who could actually love me.
And that I wasn't some person
That would never get her fairy tale
Because you brought that to me.
I just wish I could have saved us
From falling apart,
For losing the magic we once had.
I'm sorry for not seeing
The Road ahead,
I wish I could've saved you and me
From the heartbreak.
I wish we hadn't fallen apart so much.
With every breath I take
I'll come to understand
I never had to look that far to see,
That we were never truly meant to be.

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