The Kiss

December 16, 2010
A kiss
A kiss is the end
It plans on leaving you empty,
Leaving you open
The lips, the mesmerizing lips
enticing you, entrancing you
pulling you in.
Hypnotize you
You'll lose your mind
Possess you
You'll lose your control
Entrap you
You can't break free this hold
Terrify you
Your lips will tremble in fear
You'll shake with fright.
Like a live wire
an electric shock
Like a flame
burning everything in its path
charring you
Until all that's left id the remains
All that's left are the ashes
of what used to be
All that's left are the ashes
of what can't be replaced
All that's left is the kiss
Steady flick- flick- flickering
the kiss that was the end,
the hell that left you empty, open

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HwannieOppa said...
Jul. 18, 2011 at 2:26 pm
Wow this is a really good poem. I really felt the raw emotion. I like your other work too. Keep up the good work!!
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