The Zion in Me

December 27, 2010
By HopeRising BRONZE, Desloge, Missouri
HopeRising BRONZE, Desloge, Missouri
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The wind whistles through the soft prairie grass, the sky so blue I could drown in it, or so it seems.
Here is simplicity, beauty at its best.
Where no businesses clutter the earth.
Where the rain dances across the dirt and creates a smell so enticing you could get lost in it.
This is where time could stand still when a butterfly floats around you.
Sunrises are breathtaking and sunsets leave you with a tremendous warmth and glow.
The sunshine wraps you in a golden blanket here and when night falls the stars dance for the pleasure of those below.
Few feet still tread this ground and for those that do it is considered an almost sacred place of dwelling.
This is the place I call peace, the place I call hope, the place I call Zion.

The author's comments:
Everyone has a special place that makes them feel completely at peace. Once you find that place everything changes, and you yourself will be caught in that whirlwind of change.

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