Just Don't See

December 16, 2010
By Anonymous

You ask her what’s wrong,
She tells you “nothing”
She stays strong.

Her heart is never there
She keeps the smile on her face
She can’t fight through her blank stare.

No one fights her obvious lies
She tries to hide the pain
She’s alone when she finally cries.

She still makes up excuses
She still wants them to be true
She shows emotion with the alcohol she abuses.

She wants people to see her heart
She wants the truth to come out
Her hearts been broken from the start.

Everyday she regrets her life
She abuses a bottle
She abuses a knife.

The author's comments:
This is about the strong girl who just wants to be there for everyone. She is to afraid to show weakness because showing weakness makes you vulnerable and she was always to vulnerable. She is afraid to get hurt because everyone she's trusted has hurt her so now her sense of escape is a bottle and a knife.

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