You Are

December 16, 2010
By madison virgilio BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
madison virgilio BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
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You are one; you are only.
You are thought; you are story.
You are Christmas morning excitement.
You are stars and you are cosmos.
You are that tip-of-my-tongue feeling.
You are both existence and extinction.
You are pins and needles when my arm is numb.
You are passion.
You are obscure, profound meaning.
You are sun; you are moon.
You are the overlooked answer to my inquiries.
You are love and you are bitter hate.
You are energy and mass, dancing in fluid relationship.
You are the tip of my toes to the top of my head.
You are that goose bump sensation.
You are knowledge; you are skepticism.
You are painful truth and you are white lies.
You are the thoughtfully constructed melody that breaks my heart.
You are planets, perfectly aligned.
You are the intricacy of the pattern in the iris of my eye.
You are coincidence; you are intent.
You are logic; you are reason.
You are the unabating fluttering in my stomach.
You are the feeling I was certain I’d forgotten.
You are one; you are only.

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