The Swedish Chef From Hell

December 27, 2010
By msnel371 SILVER, Lee, New Hampshire
msnel371 SILVER, Lee, New Hampshire
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They have great cooking down there
Everything is flame broiled
You better like it hot though
There is no other way to cook it.
Horns curl out of his cap,
Big, black, and gnarly as an elderly person’s feet.
His grin is broad,
Practically splits his head.
He’s got some nice white incisors,
Filed down to points
(Probably for eating his flame broiled meals)
Unfortunately, Satan always gets takeout,
He never has it home cooked
And Swedish chef never gains the praise he could
But I swear,
His cooking’s good
Have you ever had a coldcut cherub on a bun?
That chef makes the best cherub buns around.
How about unicorn flank steak?
You haven’t lived till you’ve tried his.
Unfortunately you can’t cook seraphs
They are quite flammable
Probably because all the piety has dried up their souls.
But if they could be cooked,
This Chef would make a mean seraph-soda sandwich
Hell hath no cook like this Swede
He lives there for his greed
And he’s worth trying
Located right next to video gamers in the 3rd Ring.

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