lost big brother

December 27, 2010
It's been 2 years since you've left.
You were like a dad,a bestfriend,a role model, the person I was influenced by.
And everything you're doing just keeps making me cry.
I don't want you to die.

No matter how much we fought you were always my big brother.
She tried so hard to keep you safe and raise you right,yeah our mother.
You were in sports,smart,and happy.
But you threw it all away,even started to wear things that were baggy.
You traded it for drugs,alcohol,and gangs.
Tell me what so cool about that,cause' now when I walk my head just hangs.

I can't ever forgive you.
We spent our days making forts,staying up late,pulling pranks,wrestling,we were the awesome pair of 2.

Now I changed,
I wear make-up,I like pink,I don't wrestle,I even had a boyfriend.
Before I was always with you, your little sidekick, and I had a blast during the time we would spend.
It hurt me the most the day you left.

I cried myself to sleep and everytime I see how you are I hold back the tears.
But one day you'll realize what your doing is not only hurting me its gonna' hurt you,through the years.
Now this is the last time.
I don't want you in my life for the meantime..
I love you.

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