New Agnostics

December 27, 2010
By msnel371 SILVER, Lee, New Hampshire
msnel371 SILVER, Lee, New Hampshire
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"How strange it is to be anything at all." Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel

We are the New Agnostics
The philosophers
The free thinkers
We don’t purport to know the world
We take every human truth with a grain of salt
No man knows their God
No being knows its own fate
In between the lines
Outside of the laws of our world
Existence cannot be explained
Stop forth the silly squabbles between beliefs
None are right
None are wrong
Choose what you feel is right
But don’t force it upon others

I do not believe in God
I see this world of suffering
I see a world of humanity
With the greatest acts of love
Purported alongside the greatest acts of hate
All acted out by humanity
I see no hand but humanities
I see random sequence
And I see many options for this world’s explanation
Why is one wrong,
Simply because it has never been exposed to the word of the other?
How is a God of love willing to let such atrocities take part?
Some scream of free will.
But free will is possible without atrocities.
The Bibles God is a misogynist
He is a petty dictator.
Does it surprise any that under him we have become petty dictators our self?
I believe in a disconnect with the Bible’s God
I do not believe words written millennia ago
In a different language that have been wrongly translated
And then translated again.
And the gospels!
How do we know that we read the right ones?
Constantine was a pagan!
He bought belief in God for victory in battle and sex in bed
He knew not the true word of God
He just had the Bishops choose and create
The gospels that most conformed with Rome’s needs
Science is also a religion though
It is an understanding of our surroundings
Science is described by Logic
Religion is described by faith
Logic is easier to prove
It is there in front of us
Logic seems to be the more apt path to understanding
Science explains the world where religion cannot
It slowly steps upon the hallowed ground of religion
But what will be the next step?
What will take the place of science?
That is the real question.

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Agnosticism, the bible, belief

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