December 27, 2010
The passion to achieve it always outweighs the dedication of such a sorrowful attempt of obtaining...
It leaves a lamented feeling in the hearts of God's people.
And seems to be of no concern to those not induced by Our Savior.
CHRISTmas brings JOY and sorrow into the hearts of many
The season exemplifies and radiates the levels of..... PEACE
PEACE is displayed in some places, some more than others.
But who are we to care where it isn't really present as long as WE are in its atmosphere.?
That type of Peace is destined to be temporary...
Some call it karma but i'll name it.... God's revenge.
If you know that it took SO much effort for you to achieve TEMPORARY Peace......
What makes youu thinks it'll be so easy for someone in a less stable position than you to even have a glimpse of it.....?
The acquisition of PEACE is relatively close to being completely satisfied with anything
It's rarely fulfilled in a single life time
But to even have an epiphany of a state of PEACEFUL...
To be free of hemorrhage... The scars of schisms
The mere thought of being in the atmosphere of perfect PEACE intoxicates my rate and the euphoric rush bursts into my veins
It plasters all of the past trangressions that left pain endured by my heart
I hope&pray that one day, some day, ican be dedicated to start the journey
And radicate in the fertile soil of PEACE and fertilize those that ican
If God so happens to grant me with PEACE.
Life, would be gone through with such ease...
Till then, i'll stay on these ol' weary knees....

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