Pathetic Noise

December 16, 2010
Tick tock, it’s the undeniable clock,
That tells me I’m running late.
I dread the scene, what it may mean,
When I’m due to arrive on this date.
I hate your voice, it’s pathetic noise.
I don’t care to hear what you’ll say.
I know it’s crude, maybe a bit rude,
But maybe, just maybe it’s fate.
I hate being judged, even so much,
As to tell me I need to debate.
Debate on whether you’re so clever,
How you’re even worth any of my hate.
I’m not in the mood, so please just move.
I want you to get out of my way.
I’m done with you, and all we’ve been through,
I’m done with you wanting me to stay.
So on I’m moving, no need to be soothing,
I’m tired of having to wait.
I’m sick of it all, this jump made me fall,
And drama is all you create.
My heart is broken, so take this token,
Take it and please migrate.
To somewhere new, across the blue,
To somewhere impossible to locate.

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