December 16, 2010
Every time I simply think about you,
You’re only making my heart race.
Just the thought of you takes me away,
To an incredible, most unimaginable place.

I try to conceive the idea that even you,
Could ever want someone like me.
I lie awake at night seeing what will never be,
Wishing for one second, you could see what I see.

Knowing without question that if you ever noticed,
That you’d think I’m crazy, desperate and confused.
I know that you’d reject me, call me insane,
And I’d just feel even more alone and misused.

So for now, I suppose I’ll wait my turn,
As I sit here on the sidelines of love and life.
Waiting for the day that you and I will both see,
That I’m more than what meets the eye.

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