December 16, 2010
I toss and turn; your words sting my soul.
But you don’t even realize that your heart is as black as coal.
It’s 7 AM, and I can’t reach the snooze,
You’re oblivious to know that you’re the sleep I lose.
I finally shut it off, and glance into the mirror.
All I see is what you’ve made me; Drenched in unhappiness and fear.
I get to class quickly, only hearing your gossiping voice.
This is what I always listen to, what’s considered typical noise.
It soon fades away and doesn’t come back for hours.
But when it does, it only gets louder and louder.
Suddenly, the mumbling continues as I walk through trembling halls.
So many lies and deceitful suppositions echo off the thick walls.
They believe it, every little thing you’ve said,
All the lies, and continuous rumors that you alone have spread.
I hear it often; it’s the same thing every day.
I get this pain, a vexatious migraine that just won’t go away.
You talk and talk about the people you don’t know,
But your true feelings, you’re so afraid to show.
You don’t understand, you can’t comprehend,
That you’re no better than whispers in the wind.
I can’t handle everything thrown at me,
Coming from you, who are pitching at full speed.
For once, please look, why can’t you see?
Regardless of fallacious conversation, I just want to be me.
Out of everything you think you know, why can’t you tell,
That you, my friend, and your wise words have failed?
You could have easily made it better sooner, silencing my screams,
I thought it was I would go insane, but now it’s you, it seems.

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