January 5, 2011
By BriannaMendoza BRONZE, Keller, Texas
BriannaMendoza BRONZE, Keller, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
Is it better to be hated for who you are, than to be loved for something your not?

The water pulls me
down and down
into the sea
I hear no sound

As I begin to sink
My life flashes before my eyes
I can not blink
as I see the lies

My hair feels soft
My skin feels cold
My shoes are off
I need someone to hold

I try to swim
but it's to late
The light begins to dim
It's a horrible fate

My lungs, empty with air
fill with water
My head begins to flare
I try not to bother

My lips turn blue
My body now feels warm
My socks feel like glue
And my clothes are torn

And as my eyes close
And i go down
My dreams fly
And I soon drown

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