To A Friend

December 26, 2010
By Anonymous

Can’t you see it in his eyes?
Love, I mean.
He’s head over heels for you;
Told me so a billion times.
But you’ve strayed away
The way he talks to you,
Do you not notice?
Did you ever truly like him?
Or was he just “there”?
Do you not know you’re hurting him?
And how do you ignore love?
Or can you see it and
you simply do not care?
I have no answers and we never talk anymore
But if we did I couldn’t ask you these questions.
Do you consider either of us friends?
Love us back? No, probably not.
Either way I guess I should be relived
the less I say to you the easier it is to pretend
I don’t love him and
That just makes it easier to see that you have
my best friend and I wish you loved him back.

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