December 26, 2010
By Ebliss1337 BRONZE, Niles, Michigan
Ebliss1337 BRONZE, Niles, Michigan
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As a child of the city.
He was lost.
His soul crying out.
Always in pain.
Sadness, brokenness,
that's all he felt.
Sitting in his room he screams out,
Just longing for his torment to end.
Sadness follows him.
Depression consumes him.
He goes to school,
only to be pushed and shoved.
Love's gone cold.
He is all alone.
He has no one around him.
No one to hold,
No cure for his broken heart.
He cries in the bathroom.
In the dark,
his sanctuary resides.
Nobody talks to him.
Nobody even notices him.
He sits in the dark,
Misfortune surrounding him.
Scared every day
Words of hate is all they say.
He goes home
only to find his mom crying
she says his grandma's dying.
Overcome with hate
he screams,
"Why me? What did I do?”
is all that escapes his mouth.
He is dying inside.
Blow, after blow, after blow.
His world is full of sadness.
He is always in pain.
He walks into his room.
When he is hit by a flash of heat.
Life flashes before his eyes.
He is playing with his sister
in their backyard.
His sister finds a black leather book.
She shows the book to her dad.
In the blink of an eye
shes on the ground.
Lifeless she lays there.
His eyes go hazy
from the tears that he sheds.
He turns to run.
There is nowhere to go.
He drops to the ground.
crying, weeping.
“Why me? What did I do?”
Enters his mind.
His dad comes up next to him.
His dad shakes his fist.
"If you tell anyone
you'll end up like you sister."
His dad takes his lifeless sister,
puts her in the car,
and drives away.
Sitting in the tears he has shed,
Remembering all those time he saw his sister smiling.
She would want me to be strong,
he thinks to himself.
He wipes his eyes
and notices the book his sister found.
He grasps the black leather book
and runs into his room.
When he walks to his bed
he hears the slam of the front door.
Footsteps are starting to get louder.
He takes the book and throws it under his bed.
His dad walks in.
He asks,
"Where did that book go?"
the boy denies ever seeing it.
His dad hits him.
He slams the door,
crawls under the cover and cries.
He cries until his tear ducts run dry.
Dying inside.
Hoping for light.
His memory begins to fade.
He wakes up and realizes his room is on fire.
He runs to his bed.
Looks under his bed
only to find the black leather book.
He picks up the book
and turns to run.
The door has fallen.
He can't get out.
He sits on the floor.
Closes his eyes.
Clenching the book.
Everything goes black.
When he wakes
his eyes are hazy.
He sees lights
then everything goes black.
When he wakes he is in a bed.
He hears yelling.
His father walks in.
He says, “We are leaving, lets go.”
His mom and the doctor walk in.
His mom tells him,
"The house caught on fire you just barely made it out.
The fireman came in and got you out just before the building collapsed.”
The doctor takes the tubes out of his arms.
When they leave the hospital
the boy notices
his mom motioning to a tunnel.
His mom mouths the word, run.
That second his mom runs out into the road
As his dad chases after her
the boy runs into the tunnel and hides.
Covering his face.
He hears tires squealing and a big thump.
He hears the doctors yell help
It begins to rain.
All he can do is scream.
He notices a bridge.
He climbs as high as he can go.
One choice, one step thats all it takes.
Not sure what to do.
He just wants this to end.
He closes his eyes.
He takes a step.
Wind in his hair he counts 1, 2, 3...
Everything goes black
"What is this place? Where am I?"
is all he can think of
When he sees a light,
very small, very dim.
But he screams out out.
He cant move.
He just sits there, completely still,
watching that small, dim light,
As the light gets closer
he sees the figure of a man.
He tries to scream
but no sound comes out of his mouth.
He notices the man is in white robes.
This man has blood on his hands and feet.
The light is close,
close enough to touch.
Sitting still he hides his face.
The man says,
"Don't worry I'm not going to hurt you."
The man holds his hand out.
The boy takes hold of the mans hand.
Suddenly the boy gains strength.
They begin to start walking,
walking into nowhere.
He says to the man.
"Where are we going?"
The man replies with one word,

The author's comments:
Well, it's how I felt at the time.

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