innocent lives

December 26, 2010
He stares at the vast emptiness

Not knowing when

He's going home,

If he's going to live,

If he's going to die.

Explosions everywhere,

He goes to help his

One friend.

Blood everywhere

The screaming of innocent lives

Going to hell.

He sees as no more point

Nothings going to change.

He clings to the one thing

The letter of his love.

He breathes in the scent

Of her flowery perfume

Sprintzed on the letter.

Tear drops stain the letter

Making it hard to read,

Making it hard to breath.

She tells him

She had their child.

Mathew named after him.

He screams out.

Wonders will he

Ever see Mathew???

They say soldiers don't cry.

How could they not?

The next gun shot reminds him

He's not alone.

But stuck with enemies,

As the government puts it.

He wonders,

Will he live out the next day?

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