Daughter Of The Ocean

December 26, 2010
By pixiestixs101 GOLD, Phoenix, Oregon
pixiestixs101 GOLD, Phoenix, Oregon
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I am a daughter of the ocean

born from the seaweed

and spat out onto the sand

my mothers the fireflies

that light up the southern skies

lighting up the darkness

and making the unknown clear

The wind is my grandmother

whispering knowledge,

blowing with a whoosh

away all my troubles

i am the neice of the rain

clensing my worries

and making me free

My Grandfathers the sun

shining light upon me

and spreading warmth

My family is the woods,

leaves falling away every fall,

and building themselves back up again ever spring

I am a sister to the stars

lighting my path in darkness

My fathers the mountain

the biggest obsticle of mine to obtain

pushing the small mountains away

until i reach my freedom

i am in love with the birds

all seldom and free,

showing me how to fly,

and encourging me to be free

i find my family all withen nature

but i find myself

asking myself

who am i?

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