December 25, 2010
By Anonymous

These words are slipping through my fingers
What I thought is what I guess what I’ll say
But oh man I should’ve been quiet
You don’t deserve to be treated that way

I’m sorry about what I said
Your hurt from me feels like mine
And I mean dang it
I say I’m sorry and it’s supposed to be my last
But since it happened now
It’s happened too many times for you in the past

You won’t take it
You shake your head and say Nope it’s too late
And I’m like Sorry, I didn’t open my eyes up
To see what happened beyond my own gate

But you don’t care
You’re sick of the same excuse
You keep telling me you won’t allow yourself
To accept this mental abuse

I’ve apologized to you
But I don’t know what to say anymore
You refuse to be around me
You’re embarrassed to be seen with me in the grocery store

What happened, girl, happened
And what’s gone is gone
I can’t keep asking how you’re feeling
If your only reply is to screw off, moron

I’m sorry that it happened
I won’t do it again
But whenever I look at you
It feels like our happiness will come to an end

End being the key word
Now, this is me, the girl
That’s what he’d say
Only if he liked poetry and never walked away

He never said this crap to my face
And I bet he never will
I’m sucking it all up
And they tell you life a thrill

But he couldn’t bother to pick up a pencil
And start a catchy rhyme
Because of his lack of attention and smarts
He’s five years out of time

You say sorry to me but I don’t know if what you say is true
But for once your words are mirrored
And what you say comes back to you
I’m sorry

I mean it and I’m sorry
Yeah I’m grown enough to genuinely commit
Even when my day has been screwed up
And do I ever just feel like, well, that’s it

After all these years of rejection
You don’t have the right to replevy
She’s a little older now
And has the courage to say Screw this, good bye

Man, I’m sorry you’re hurt and you don’t know how to react
So you planned this huge vacation
But if I were you I really would unpack
I don’t dig you being fake

You can cover it all up and give it a brand new name
Dye your hair brown but your mom knows you well
Your hair was white and it’s treated all the same

Listen, this isn’t some crap laid out on the table
I’m not writing this just to hear myself talk
I say the same thing over and over
Yet I’m used to everyone telling me this life is such a shock

Yeah, well you and everyone can just suck it
I don’t wanna deal with this anymore
You had your chance and effed it.
They can exit too; I’m already holding the door.

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