December 25, 2010
By ayesha23z BRONZE, Woodbridge, Virginia
ayesha23z BRONZE, Woodbridge, Virginia
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Just because it shines, doesn't make it gold.

I've already begun to forget,
everything except those regrets.
I'm sorry I wasn't strong,
sorry I let it all go wrong.
at first I did it by choice,
but now I've lost even my voice
I stopped breathing a while ago,
so now I fall with no one below
numbers and numbers, what a shame.
my lifes become nothing but a game.
my need is like a light I can't catch,
like fire on the tip of a match
the light seems so bright,
but in the end I realize somethings not right.
I am that match thats been lit,
and the fire consumes me bit by bit.
the scales been tipped so now I slip,
the lights gone out, I've lost my grip
this need will be the end of me,
as I fall away so rapidly.
I can't hear the cries of those around,
and within this need I feel me drown.
this need is what eats me,
and I can no longer break free.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem when I suffered from Anorexia, a disease of the mind. I wrote this poem to help my friends and family understand that I did not choose to be anorexic, and I really did hear their words of wisdom, but I'm sorry I was unable to listen to them because the Anorexia was too loud. After being healthy for a while now I wold like to thank everyone who stood by me.

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