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December 7, 2010
By brunett97 GOLD, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
brunett97 GOLD, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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never give up until you are happy with the ending.

my life in ruins
not literally
just this year
or so i hope
everthings different
but just like i suspected
i dont want to hate it
but it doesnt get any better
little by little
it teeters back and forth
today is good
but tonight may need an escape plan
tomorrow may be different
only i sense the forsaken sorrow
i dont know how i can bare to continue
maybe its the small and simple
the coments i live for
the people i see
make all the difference
some fill me with hatetrid
luckly i know better
i move on
to think better thoughts
i try harder
it isnt easy
but then i see one of them
the ones who make it a circle
that spins round and round again
they make it easier
im reminded of why im here
to make a difference
small and in progress
my patience is tested everyday
im grateful it is my strongest characteristic
sometimes i fail
then it hits me
a strange feeling of peace
i cant comprehend it
and i wont try
for now
thats what puts me at ease
to know life is unequal, unfair
but soon will be
when its my turn
my fair justice will be done
and that is the real reason
the one that keeps me going
everyday no matter the situation

How can you not fine peace with that?

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