When I'm Nothing

December 20, 2010
By TheKountess GOLD, Scenery Hill, Pennsylvania
TheKountess GOLD, Scenery Hill, Pennsylvania
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"You laugh because I'm different. I laugh because you're all the same." ~Jonathan Davis (KoRn)
"You Just May Start A Chain Reaction"~Rachel Joy Scott

Here I am again my dear, upon this bathroom floor I lie
Since you’ve left it’s reduced me to nothing, now I only cry
A slash in my wrist here and one there, sometimes I wanna die
Though it’s only been weeks, it feels years since my heart’s been spry
I miss you love, it seems you're just never here
Every day I don’t hear your voice I fall asleep in fear
‘Cause I’ll dream of the days when you’d pushed me away and you didn’t want me near
And I wake up in sweat and tears because I worry that soon will be the return of that leer
Please just promise me that you won’t be too rough when you push me aside
Or else I’m not sure if I’ll have enough pride left to stop myself from running to hide
How many times can I fall down before I have no strength to get up again?
Can you do this and still feel human after you clearly see my pain?
Do you really expect hearts not to burst after you throw that four-letter word around?
How will you feel when you realize my pain’s your fault but I’m already in the ground?
I hate that I’m not sure if you’re serious when you say you love me as well
You’re perfect for me in everyway! Yet you’re the only one that can’t tell
A touch, a brush, any contact will do
Just three seconds is enough to get me through
The days are so hard now that everything’s all the same
Do you know what it feels like to have no one to your name?
Do you know how it feels to know that there’s no love?
There’s nothing divine and there’s nothing above
Nothing below and nothing on another plain
Nothing but nothing and nothing but empty pain
There’s nothing to me, that is, there’s nothing once you’ve left
Every time you leave my presence you take my heart – the very worst theft
Now I find myself thinking of you every second of the day
Pondering, devising a plan, even going out of my way
Just for a second’s glimpse to be sure you still hold captive my heart
And I’m sure you do because I feel it sting every time we part
When you wake in the morning do you think of me?
If it weren’t for you what would I be?
Every day I wonder what happens when I don’t have your face to look upon
What will happen when one day you’re gone…

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