More than Beautiful

December 25, 2010
By DominiqueMcDonald SILVER, Starke, Florida
DominiqueMcDonald SILVER, Starke, Florida
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Live For Tomorrow, Instead Of Just Today

When ever I look at your picture, I see more than just another pretty face, more then just charm, style, and grace.

I see a girl with a lot of love to give, but just afraid let a man receive. If only she didn’t put her past before her future, if only she just give that love to me.

If she only knew how special she is or how great it feels to finally know what a real man is like and how I would treat her, but since she heard that many times before and had a broken heart after broken heart, she’ll think I’m no different either.

Haters want to be her, liars want to use her, pretenders want to f*** her, but realist want to love her, they’ve gotten her so confuse, that now she doesn’t know which is better. She sees a pretender is a lover, a realist is a liar, and a hater is a user.

Her trust is a lock, but is also a key. She asks for a reason why she should trust me, instead I gave her three;
Know that I love you and no one else and that you are the only girl that I held;
Why would I mess up something wonderful for something that’s alright;
The only way you can love me is by believing in me and knowing that I’m here

for you and that I will never let anything happen to you;

What he did was wrong, but it doesn’t mean that I’ll do the same thing. I won’t walk off leaving you there to hang.

To me you’re my good luck charm; cause for the past few days I’ve been feeling like the lucky man in the world. You’re like a drug; I overdosed off your beauty and just can’t get enough of your sweet, sexy voice. Most of all you’re like an angel; God made you for me and that your warm, light smile will brighten up my cold, dark life.

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