Cry No More

December 25, 2010
You say you’re tired of being in pain, tired of your past haunting you and influencing people to give you a new name. You say you want to change for you and move forward, change to be a better person and focus more on achieving your goals.

In my eyes, your not what they say you are, judging you before knowing the real you. Smart, classy, honest, independent, beautiful, down –to-earth person you are, but some people don’t see that because they look for the negative things you say or do.

Your heart is crying because no one will listen to it, but how can they if you have it locked up like an inmate on death row. Your heart is crying because it’s scared of being broken again by pretenders, players, and haters that just want to lie, abandon, and destroy it. Your heart is crying because it hasn’t found the number one thing it’s been really looking for, without knowing its been right in front of it the whole time

Cry no more because my heart is here to protect yours from all the hurt and pain it’s been getting. Cry no more over the people that continue to break you down and the ones that say they’ll put you back together but tear you down even more. My heart will glue those pieces back together with love, comfort, and joy to make you better then before. Cry no more over the spilled milk you try to clean up that people tend to step all in causing an even bigger mess. My heart will help you dry it up so no one will step in causing more of a mess. Cry no more over the love you try to find in people, because it may be standing right beside you. My heart has been trying to tell yours how it really feels but never had the chance because yours was finding lust. Cry no more because my heart is crying just to listen to your and will not stop until it does.

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