Sisters Are Friends Forever

December 25, 2010
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They're always there for eachother,
no matter how big the fight.
Connected at the hip,
but different views on wrong and right.

A person to run to when they're scared,
With open arms and open ears.
To listen to our problems,
and help fight those fears.

Always knowing when one is feeling down.
Not a word has to be spoken.
And when someone hurts one,
The other is there to mend what is broken.

They used to have play dates with Barbies,
And would play stuffed animals and dinosaurs.
Make messes in the room,
and pull out all the drawers.

They'd fight the monsters under the bed,
Make forts with their blankets and pillows.
But one grew up faster than the other,
Even if it feels like this only ended days ago.

Now they have real dates with a boy and a girl.
And they no longer play with their toys.
Because one is wrapped up a girl,
And the other with a boy.

And the monsters under their beds are gone.
Blankets and pillows are used only for bed.
Those years can't be brought back,
The memories are stored in the back of the head.

They both caused eachother to hurt.
Because though they grew up much the same,
They are so very different.

But no matter the differences,
In the end, they will always be there for eachother.
Because nothing can seperate their bond.
Sisters Are Friends Forever.

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