I have never...

December 25, 2010
I have never felt your skin, but I feel the warmth on my fingertips as I imagine me holding you tight.
I have never kissed your lips, but I feel the softness and the electrifying spark as both mine and yours meet.
I have never looked into your eyes, but i see the beauty, pain, and suffering deep within them and the resistence i feel to look away.
I have never felt your hands exploring every inch and curve of my body, but every night I feel my sensitive skin tingle and cringe while you touch me.
I have never let you whisper in my ear, but i feel your breathe against my skin and the sweet serenity you speak telling me you love me.
I have never loved another so much without one inch of doubt in my entire soul or heart.
I have never been loved the way you love me unbelieveably.
I have never been proved wrong about not finding true love.

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